The Slow Revolution – join us for lunch

In our bid to encourage people to take a lunch break, we’re going to be part of the lunchtime talk series at the RSA on Thursday 4th October at 1pm. The panel discussion is called Slow Revolution and brings together three old friends, Carl Honoré (author of In Praise of Slow), Kate Fletcher (Slow Fashion), Gervais Williams (Slow Finance) and one of our co-directors Deepa Patel.

The last ten years has seen a burgeoning of the Slow Movement in all aspects of life from management, travel and education to science and work. pościel z flaneli

The RSA discussion brings together a group of thinkers and practitioners who have each been exploring ways to bring the principles of ‘slow’ to their life and work – whether in finance, culture or fashion. As well as sharing lessons from their own fields, they will discuss how more of us can deal with the addictive nature of speed, apply the brakes and improve our quality of life, creativity and well-being.


Carl Honoré, author of In Praise of Slow;
Kate Fletcher,reader in sustainable fashion, London College of Fashion;
Deepa Patel,co-director, Slow Down London;
Gervais Williams, award-winning fund manager and author of Slow Finance.

The event is free but you have to book a ticket.

We hope you can make it.

Slow Down London team