The London Loaf: Slow Food – Grit your Teeth

Annalie Wilson helps you slim down after all those Summer cocktails…

I cooked a horrible meal last night. It had grit in it. I must have failed to wash the spinach.

Or perhaps it was that crafty little pak choi. But no, I can’t blame the vegetables – it was all me, and my lack of attention to detail in the rush to satisfy my rabid hunger. Escorts in London

However, all is not lost, for the experience has inspired me to launch a new diet plan. It’s called The Grit Diet, and it’s for people who love food but tend to eat more than they need. The basic premise is simple: cook your favourite meal and then put some grit in it. You’ll never over-eat again!

Grit is so versatile; you can sprinkle it on anything, and your appetite will be completely curbed! I went to bed hungry and this morning the memory of all that grit put me off my breakfast! Fantastic. As Britain battles with obesity, I may have just found the antidote.

They’ve given me an advance on the book already – it’s going to be called “Grit Your Teeth: A Journey Towards Food Intolerance.” I used to wish I was intolerant to cheesecake, but now I just carry a handful of grit with me and the temptation disappears! Magic.

You can reserve your copy of “The Grit Diet” (£12.99 inc. P&P) here. One to one coaching is also available.